Trademarks distinguish products, services, industrial and commercial establishments. In other words, they are the link between the market and the consumer. For this reason, at Jarry IP we are convinced that the registration thereof goes beyond an administrative matter - it means protecting the effort, creativity and business of entrepreneurs and companies.

Our team provides multidisciplinary advice in the following matters:
Trademark searches.
Trademark classification.
Trademark prosecution.
Acceptance to registration and 10-year surveillance.
Publication in the Official Gazette.


A significant feature of trademarks and domain names lies on the fact that they are renewable rights. For instance, registered trademarks are valid for a 10-year term, and said term may be renewed for an identical period and so on.

In the case of domain names, their duration is variable (1, 2 and up to 10 years), but also renewable in time.

at Jarry IP we are aware of the fact that for the continuity of a company or business, the trademark or website of their products is essential; thus, we provide comprehensive advice on renovations and the complexities thereof.

Transfer Annotations and Name Change

Trademarks, domain names and copyrights are transferable, i.e., they can be sold, purchased, assigned and transferred, even after the death of the owner. In the case of registered trademarks, transfers and changes of name shall be noted on the margin of the respective registration.

The owner thereof is responsible for practicing these changes so that they are kept up-to-date.

at Jarry IP we carry out all these procedures with the highest standard ─ from the negotiation for the purchase or sale of the trademark, domain name or copyright; preparation of the transfer/assignment documents; recordal and procedures at INAPI and other institutions.

Use Licenses

The owner of a registered trademark or copyright may authorize third parties to use the same by means of a license.

These licenses can be free, paid, exclusive, non-exclusive, limited in time, etc.

At Jarry IP we are experts in licensing agreements and in determining the specific conditions that each of our clients ─ depending on their needs, requires for the success of their industry or business.

Surveillance Services

The owner of a registered trademark or domain name is always subjected to the possibility that among the hundreds of registrations and grantings that the authority admits, there are trademarks or names similar or identical to those that said owner maintains.

Jarry IP provides a first quality surveillance service on trademarks and domain names, whose objective is to alert our clients whenever a new application represents a conflict for their interests, sending the relevant information to exercise the corresponding legal actions, if necessary.

Our surveillance service lasts the whole validity of the trademark (10 years) and the total time that the domain name lasts.

Domain Names

A domain name is an easy-to-remember name associated with a unique physical Internet IP address, which is displayed after the "@" sign in the email addresses and after "www" in the web addresses. In the age of Internet it is fundamental to register and protect these domain names.

Jarry IP has extensive experience in the handling of domain names, for example, by registering them in parallel to the process of applying for a trademark, in order to include the latter also on the Internet, the most massive medium nowadays.

In fact, we are experts in litigation associated with a conflict of a domain name, either defending the registration of our clients or revoking the registration of third parties that are conflicting.