Regulatory Services

Jarry IP has legal and technical teams with extensive experience in pharmaceutical and regulatory law, advising national and transnational companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food areas.

In the pharmaceutical-cosmetic area, Jarry IP provides advice on the filing and modification of health records of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, statement of undisclosed information (Data exclusivity) and review of advertising and promotional material for health professionals for the processing of the same before the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

Likewise, our team provides regulatory advice in the area of food (food supplements, food for athletes, foods for special regimes, among others), including the revision of formulas and labeling thereof, such as the review of their advertising material; application of control regime applicable in case of requiring the classification of such food and advice in the process of entry and marketing authorization (including the preparation of the product's technical sheet), for processing before the SEREMI.

Furthermore, Jarry IP provides advice on registration and commercialization of regulated and non-regulated medical devices in Chile before the ISP.