Patents, Models and Designs

State-of-the-Art Searches

An essential part of our philosophy as Jarry IP technical team is to suggest to researchers and inventors that ─ before starting a new research, development and innovation project (R+D+ i) they should know everything that has been previously disclosed in relation to their project, in order to take this information as initial input and innovate on that to get a patentable invention in the future.

Patentability Analysis

To evaluate the State-of-the-Art and the Feasibility of Intellectual Protection of a possible invention, we will use our Patentability Analysis process, based on the technical information provided by the inventors. With this information and the results of a prior search of the State of the Art, an expert opinion on the feasibility of patenting and/or the possibility of protection by another convenient way of the results of the investigation under analysis will be analyzed and issued.

Thematic searches

This service includes finding all the patent applications and Letters Patents filed at INAPI related to a particular active ingredient, including formulations, indications (new uses), preparations, methods, combinations, etc.

Equivalent Searches

Though an equivalent search one can know if there is a patent application from the same family of a particular patent document, in a specific country, in this case Chile.

On the other hand, we also conduct Equivalent Searches for Active Ingredients, which look after the original patent that protects said ingredient in the world, obtain the related priority data and find the corresponding equivalent patent in the INAPI database.

Technological surveillance

This service consists in the periodic surveillance of the technologies of interest which can be:

Official Gazette: it allows to be constantly updated regarding third-party patent applications that may be of interest in order to oppose against the same. Based on the keywords provided by the University, the Official Gazette is reviewed and a weekly report with the findings is provided.

General: it allows to be constantly updated on a particular technology regarding patent applications published in different territories. It consists in searching information with keywords of your choice (~ 10 words) in patent databases in English and Spanish languages, scientific and general disclosure.

STEP 1. Survey of all the information available up to date, with delivery of a report with a list of citations of the documents found.
STEP 2. Monitoring of information depending on the preliminary search and the information found. As provided by the University and depending on the technology involved, a monthly/quarterly/biannual report may be issued/delivered.

Drafting of Patent Applications

Jarry IP’s technical team specializes in drafting patent, models and designs applications from a technical-legal-commercial perspective, i.e., a wording/drafting that not only focuses on obtaining a legal right, but also is valid for exercise the actions for the defense thereof.

It is always recommended to begin with a Patentability Analysis. If this evaluation is positive, once the strategy of the objects that will define the scope of the invention as a whole has been defined, the preparation and drafting of the respective patent or utility model application can be carried out.

Filing of Patent Applications

Jarry’s IP administrative team of Jarry IP is highly qualified for the filing of patent, models and designs applications in Chile through the intermediation at INAPI throughout the process, from the filing to the granting.

We also prepare and file PCT applications, which is a system that simplifies the international filing of a patent application as well as through the Paris Convention, which is the direct filing in each territory of interest.

Thanks to our extensive network of agents, we are able to file patent, models and designs applications around the world.

Freedom-to-Operate Studies

To begin with the development and commercialization of a new product or process, it is highly advisable to conduct a Freedom to Operate study (FTO) in the territory of interest, in order to reduce the risks of infringement of intellectual property rights and define the marketing strategies based on the results thereof.

The process for conducting an FTO study consists of:
Definition of Product/Process/Use.
Search for Freedom to Operate (FTO).
Analysis of Freedom to Operate.


To quickly evaluate the current status of a patent application filed by an inventor, entrepreneur or StartUp, in order to determine its value and the protection strategy outlined, we will use our GO/NO GO Analysis process, based on the technical information provided by the inventors or applicants, and on the legal information available in the different Patent Offices.

This analysis will provide a complete report, in the first place regarding the legal status of the patent application: the validity of the same, compliance with critical deadlines, the possibilities that remain in reserve for all the countries in the world. Secondly, the content of the patent application is evaluated: that the subject matter to be protected is susceptible of protection in the country in which the patent was requested (Protectable Subject Matter) and that the wording of the claims as such effectively protects the essence of the invention intended to be protected.

Due Dilligence

If what is required is a complete analysis of the content of a patent application, the scope of its claims and the possibilities of being granted, the so-called Due Diligence service will be used, in which a search of the state of the art existing until the filing date of the priority patent application is carried out, the information collected is evaluated and an opinion and recommendations are issued regarding the patent application filed.

Furthermore, the wording of the application is evaluated, both in form as in content, to determine the scope of protection requested and strategies to have greater probabilities of obtaining the involved patent are suggested.